Friday, 19 June 2020

100 days today

Well we have made it to 100 days of lockdown, shielding, social distancing, whatever you want to call it.
To start with it was nice having time at home and getting jobs done, learning new skills and generally enjoying each other’s company.
Now I am getting bored and finding a lack of energy and enthusiasm for anything.
It is so frustrating when you want / need something and cannot just pop down the shops and get it. Many shops are now open but from what I hear many disregard the 2 metre social distancing, so I’ll not be going into a shops for a while.

To try and motivate myself I purchases two new quilting books, first time I have invested in quilt books for years, I already have enough to keep me sewing for the rest of my life!
I love seeing Edyta Sitar on You Tube and reading her blogs, so sent for the miniature quilt book.
The book starts with pictures of vintage quilts that have inspired some of the 32 patterns.
A truly inspiring book and I hope to make a number of her quilts for my ‘miniature wall’.

While looking for something else I came across this Miniature Quilt book on EBay and decided to buy it.
Wow does she use some tiny pieces of fabric!
The cover picture is called Night Cruise on the River Thames and only measures 22 x 22 inches. That is an awful lot of very tiny pieces!

One project that has been on the back burner for sometime is the left hand corner of our back garden, different things have been tried but nothing really works, so I thought a raised bed would be good and easier for me to manage. Chris gave me that look of ‘what now’ but came out and helped me measure up for the wood we will need. The landscape sleepers all cut to size arrive a week on Monday !!!
Trying not to fall into the pond, a start has been made to remove the day lilies, rockery in the corner and plants behind the seat.
A ‘L’ shaped raised bed will replace this area.  I have estimated we will need 3 tons of top soil, so that should be good exercise to move it from the front drive around the house to the back garden ! Better wait until the wooden structures are in place before ordering it.

We still continue to shop on line and take local walks, many of which are around the cemetery that backs onto the neighbours garden.
We ventured into a different area and saw this lovely painting of the Last Supper on one of the grave stones.

I hope you are staying safe and social distancing if you have to go out. Chris has been asked by the NHS to shield until the end of July, so I think we are a long way away from being safe ‘out there’.

Love to hear from you, I read all comments before they appear on the blog. Diana.

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Vera said...

The time is dragging now as well, me & Hubs can go out but being very careful, people get so close to you. Been able to go & see our sons this week & today met up with 5 knitting friends all well apart so nice to see them all. have done so much knitting for 3 different charities. A cousin has asked me to make some face masks for them after he saw picture of ours so plenty of fabric for them Have a good weekend

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