Wednesday, 24 June 2020

How did I get so far behind?

At the start of the pandemic I joined the Moda Blockheads weekly free block group. Each week I eagerly awaited for the next pattern to arrive in my mail box and cut out the fabric and made the block, sometimes 12 inch and sometimes 8 inch. I thought the different sizes would make for an interesting quilt layout.

Suddenly I am NINE blocks behind including todays block. How did that happen? I have managed to cut out the fabric for some of my missing blocks and really must find the ‘umph’ from somewhere to get sewing. 
I think like many people we were all eager to start new projects whether it be sewing, knitting, crochet etc at the start of the lockdown, but it is wearing a bit thin now and I am finding it harder and harder to get going.
Chris has been told to ‘shield’ until the end of July, so another five weeks minimum of staying home other than the occasional walk.
Five weeks will mean five more Moda Blockheads patterns, so I’ll close now and thread up my sewing machine.

How are you coping ?
Love to hear from you if you can spare a minute to leave a comment...

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Vera said...

That is a long time to have to stay in for you both. We do not have to shield but being being very careful when we go out food shopping once a week & Wilkos or Savers once. We try to go for a walk most days, only a short one for me today knee problems. Have crochet & knitted a lot, small soft toys for a friend to send abroad, blankets for a cat Charity & baby bits for out local Hospital. Also made a felt Xmas stocking & lots of Jigsaw Puzzles do a swap with a friend so we have new ones to do. Keep well & carry on with the blog love seeing what you are making, I enjoy patchwork but not done much for several years have made some Face Masks for us & family

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