Monday, 8 June 2020

Growing fruit and veg

I don’t have a lot of room for growing fruit and veg, but like to try my hand at a few.
Along  side the garden wall is now a Raspberry patch and they are growing like mad. We usually get enough raspberry’s to see us through the year.
They are an autumn raspberry but seem to start fruiting earlier and earlier, I have already picked a few [and eaten them before even getting back into the house!]

I have two compost bins and as soon as one is full I plant a courgette in it and the first flower has just appeared.

There will soon be lots of courgettes and I must search out the recipe for a zucchini [courgette] loaf. 
If any one has a recipe please send me it.

Just outside my black door I have a raised bed that started life as a herb garden but never did very well, so last year I planted runner beans in it and they produced lots of snap beans. I have done the same again this year and they are just climbing up the poles.
The first one to the trellis wins a prize !!
The wire mesh is to keep the cats off until everything is well established.

My two rhubarb plants have not done very well this year, but I picked enough to cut up and boil down, add two packets of sugar free jelly to make 5 bowls full. I love rhubarb cooked like this.

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Ano said...

Impressive!Thanks for the post.
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