Saturday, 6 September 2014

Day 10 another lazy day

Decided to have a day 'at home' so nothing much to relate.

I thought you might like to see my new Espana towel... What idiot buys a red and black towel and then lies on it wearing all white! As soon as I bought it I washed it but the red has come off on my white shorts and top, so it's back in the wash for another go.

I did manage to work a little on my cross stitch but mostly played games on my iPad and laptop with short interludes in the sun. Even the people that live here all year round are saying it is just too hot.

Chris went sunbathing on the roof again, I don't know how he can stand it.

Ps. I still love my new towel.



quiltergirl424 said...

If its that hot maybe we will stay here in uk, not, c u Tuesday

Happy Room Diana said...

Rumble of thunder last night but no rain so still hot hot hot

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