Monday, 29 September 2014

Day 33 All Change

Due to the problems with our car and having to get rid of the hire car we decided to alter our plans for the rest of the journey home. Instead of taking three days we have decided to take just two longer days.

First sight of our car for four weeks.

As soon as the Land Rover garage opened this morning we were able to pay the €431.99 :-/ and transfer all our luggage into it. Next is was off to the hire company to sort that out, the rescue insurance were paying €800 but we had to pay the rest, about €200, but the hire company did not want our money, so the rescue people in France will pay the excess and then charge it to Brittania Rescue, who will then charge it to us !!

Too close for comfort!

We stocked up with croissants and bread and set off North. As we did not have a reservation anywhere we just put Abbeville, where we are booked for the last night, into Tom Tom and have landed up in Limoges at the Premiere Classe. Booking in was fun as it is all automated from outside the building. It rejected two of Chris's credit cards but accepted mine!

A bright spot was seeing a Poivre Rouge Resturant about a hundred yards away, so that will be tonight's choice for dinner.


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