Thursday, 25 September 2014

Day 28 Markets and Quiz Night

I still need the gifts for my granddaughters that I was hoping to get on one of the many markets, so off we set for yet another market.

Santiago de la Ribera market is in one very long street, by long I mean it feels like a mile long!, street. We started at one end and by the time we got to the other end I could hardly walk, my 'good' knee is driving me nuts, and we did not see one stall selling the items I wanted.

Chris was a real gentleman and left me on a street corner at the end of the market and went to collect the car and then pick me up (guess what I felt like? Even at 69 yrs old).

In the evening we went with our neighbours to the Camp Site for Quiz night. It was a great evening until I accidentally gave Pauline a soaking with a glass of apple juice I was drinking, sorry Pauline. As usual everyone won a prize our table had digestive biscuits, chocolate, jelly babies, chocolate digestives, etc.

While we were at the quiz the lightening and thunder were all around us but it did not rain.

I decided to update the software first thing in the morning on my iPad... What a mistake it took FOREVER!


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