Monday, 29 September 2014

Day 32 the Pyrenees

The mist and damp weather meant it was hard to see the mountains as we drove towards the Pyrenees. We needed something for breakfast and while driving through a small town saw a man carrying a loaf so we searched for the bread shop, which consisted of a small entrance to a wonderful display of cakes and breads. We the stopped and ate croissants and pastries in the car with a view of the mountains which were gradually coming out of the mist.

Chris decided we would go over the mountains which was quite spectacular, even the weather cheered up.

Lunch En route

Our hotel at Mont de Marsan was not open until 5.30pm so we had to waste some time in McDonalds using their WiFi.

We decided to try the Poivre Rouge for dinner.. It was excellent, we will look out for their resturants again.



quiltergirl424 said...

Those pasties look delicious, hope your weather improves, is very grey here this morning. Fingers crossed all is well with the Landrover and you can be on you way. Very quiet here, off to the market in San Pedro, hope Thai holds off.

quiltergirl424 said...

Hope the weather holds off even. Where Thai came from goodness knows.......

Christa said...

Lovely pictures. Narrow streets.