Friday, 5 September 2014

Day 9 Friday 5th September

Everyone is saying it is hotter than usual here in Spain and there has been no rain since April!
We made a trip to Pilar to another Charity Shop, where I bought four tops for €1 each, it was too hot to try them on, plus I always think it is a donation to the charity and hope they fit. Two of the four are great but the other two will go back to another charity shop unless I loose two or three stone in the next week ;-)
Lidl had opening a new shop so we went and bought a couple of things then came back to the house for lunch.
Chris spent the afternoon sun bathing on the roof, while I started the x stitch I had brought with me.
No cooking tonight as the local camp site do a great fish and chips for €6. We were the only customer, it was nice sitting watching the children having fun in the large swimming pool. I drove the hire car for the first time... Takes some thinking about as I drive an automatic on the correct ( left) side of the road, while the hire car is manuel and the Spainish drive on the right.

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