Thursday, 25 September 2014

Day 29 San Javier

After a visit to the San Javier market we visited the church in the main square.

It is a beautifully kept church with interesting statues and stain glass windows. A small museum holds relics and clothing including some bobbin lace.

At the beginning of the 17C San Javier was scarcely populated and threatened all the time by Berber Pirates who stole their crops and animals. Early in the 17C the local residents built a Hermitage to San Francisco Javier, a Saint associated with fevers and illnesses.

1699-1787 a new church was built on the same ground that still stands today. However during the Spanish Civil War the church was set on fire and lost many of its records and artworks. One local resident managed to rescue a large statue of our Saviour and hide it until after the unrest.

Pretty bobbin lace on the hem of a vestment.


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