Sunday, 21 September 2014

Day 24 BBQ and dragonfly

At the bottom of our patio area there are a number of pots with almost dead plants in. I decided I would try and water them every day to bring them back to life. There is so little green about, the fields look like desert, everywhere is so dry unless they are irrigated. There are lots of plots of land still vacant of buildings due to the poor economy, even where buildings have started to be build they are left unfinished and empty.

Back to my pot plants, yesterday for the first time wild life appeared in the form of a dragonfly and even allowed me to get my camera and take it's photo before if flew away.

We spent part of the day at Zenia, where there is a large shopping area, then back to join the neighbours for another great BBQ.

Brian and Pauline have their niece and her friend staying with them, so together with Pat (the ex-pat neighbour) the seven of us enjoyed good food and great company for the evening.



Christa said...

That dragonfly photo us a winner!

Christa said...

Any news from your car in France?

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