Sunday, 7 September 2014

Day 11 Market day

Have I said how hot it is here? Well it's 34C (93F) here today and the forecast for the week is 30 to 31C.

Here are a couple of photos of our condo downstairs, plus there are two bedrooms upstairs and a roof balcony.

This morning we visited a couple of markets, one at an old open air cinema, the other in town. There was a lot of junk but also some treasures if you see beyond the junk. I haggled for a beaded curtain, the guy wanted €5 but I got it for €3. I do not like haggling but I'm getting better at it.

Now you might wonder why I want an old beaded door hanging... BEADS hundreds of them... Chris helped me cut a lot of the better ones off and sort into colours. I can think of lots of uses for them when I get home.

I am having a real problem with swollen feet in this heat, if anyone knows a cure or something that will help please post a comment.



quiltergirl424 said...

Drink plenty of water and put your feet up when possible and for that piece of advice I will expect a bag of beads.....

Happy Room Diana said...

I suppose you want me take the beads home for you?
I have been raising my feet and drinking loads already.

Christa said...

When James did the Camino last year our friend had really terrible problems with swollen feet/ankles and pain. They say " the Camino provides" and there was an emergency doctor from California. She diagnosed that he was not drinking enough and it effected the kidneys. She was right. James made she he was drinking water every two hours and it solved it.

Christa said...

James made sure ... autocorrect! Grrrrr!
Whatever it is hope you are better soon.

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