Friday, 12 September 2014

Day 15 Of Roading!

Calblanque ... A remote and untouched stretch of coast with secluded bays and beaches, flowers, birds and solitude... Sounds great doesn't it?

We set off in our French rental Fiat 500L (I'm told the L is important!) to find this little known area of Spain only to find once we left the main road the access was down a gravel bumpy track through small hills of scrubland. As soon as we got sight of the sea a man sitting under an umbrella in the middle of nowhere stopped us for the €4 charge.

We parked with about a dozen other cars and walked across the very hot rough sand to the sea for a paddle.

In 1980 local people fought hard to protect this area as a designated natural park.

By the time we drove back to the main road the car had changed colour from black to sand. Chris could hardly see out the back window.

During the afternoon Chris found a car wash, which he said was an experience! But at least the car is clean again.

We spent the evening chatting with the neighbours until the chair Chris was sitting on collapsed and he crashed to the ground, luckily unhurt. Anything made of plastic does not last long here in the constant heat from the sun. 38C reported today.




doodle said...

Write more, that’s all I can say. Nice summary. Kudos!

Leslie Lim said...

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