Thursday, 11 September 2014

Day 14 BBQ

What a great way to spend the evening, a BBQ.

Our friends from England that arrived on Tuesday have a BBQ in their rental garden so we together with Pat who lives here were invited to join them.

Brian braved the heat to cook a wide variety of meats and all were delicious. The table was full of a variety of salads, pasta, coleslaw etc etc. plus there were lots of beer and water being drunk.

Conversations were good and as the evening cooled down a bit it was most pleasant. This is the life!

Brian cooking up a storm

Pauline, Pat, Shaun and me vying for a little shade.


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quiltergirl424 said...

Oh what a lovely time we are having here in St Javea, but it is so so hot but just put on the AC no prob, oops sorry Diana shouldn't have said that.....