Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Day 20 Aircon and sewing

We have been in Spain for two weeks today and really enjoying ourselves.

Having had no air conditioner since we arrived finally the man arrived to install the new unit, he smiled when I asked him to stop for a photo. It has been a real saga getting this arranged, but the house owner has offered us a discount on next years holiday for all the inconvenience and heat we have had to put up with.

While the aircon was being installed Pauline, Pat and myself had a sewing morning. I had brought four kits to make 'thread catchers' which we all made successfully. I had seen on YouTube a method of turning a pinwheel block into a disappearing nine patch. Pat brought along her sewing machine and I made one (forgot to take a photo) each one of was keen to make some when we get home.

Pat has a new child due in her family so brought along a panel of fabric looking for ideas on what to do with it. After some discussion it was decided to cut it into twelve pieces and sash it to look like a window.

After lunch the workmen had gone and it was wonderful to take a siesta in the cool bedroom and watch Paradise Road on my iPad, a favourite film based on the women interred by the Japanese in WW2.


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