Friday, 5 September 2014

Day 7&8 lazy days

Wednesday and Thursday were lazy days, recovering from all that had happened to us on our way here.
We spent all of Wednesday at the condo, sun bathing, reading and watching a film.
Thursday we were more like our old selves and visited the local Cancer Charity shop to stock up on DVD's to watch, they were having a sale 2 for €1 so Chris bought ten. We do not have any English TV so this gives us something to watch in the evenings.
Then it was off to the beach for a quick paddle, it was very hot walking across the freshly ploughed dark sand. Little fish swan all around our feet but it sure felt good.
There are lots of Chinese owned stores selling everything other than food that you can think of. We visited one to buy me a new bath towel which of course is bright red so immediately went in the wash. Also stocked up on a few other things we wanted and then back for a late lunch.
Near the condos is a mobile home holiday park where they serve lovely fish and chips so a visit in the afternoon was made to book the meal for Friday.


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