Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Day 27 Rosie and the pots

After the downpour on Tuesday the sun has come out again but the humidity has risen.
We decided to go to the market at Alcazares, only to find it not there, so tried San Javier but again no market. After being away from home for a month I guess we have got the days mixed up!

I have fallen in love with the pretty flowerpots and decided to buy a set to take home from a local store. My knee [the good one, not the new one] has been really playing me up so we call it a day and go back to the house.

Pat's cat Rosie decided she would like to try the pool and we found her sitting on one of the dividing lines between the paddling  pool and main pool looking like something from an Egyptian movie. she is such a friendly cat and treats everyones home as if it were her own.

After dinner at home we watched Pelham 123 a DVD Chris had bought at the charity shop, where they were selling them two for a euro. It was a great film full of suspense and drama.

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