Thursday, 18 September 2014

Day 21 quiz night

Last night Pauline Brian Chris and myself went to the local camp site for a quiz night.

Thinking it started at 8pm we arrived about 7.45 only to find it didn't start until 8.30. We requested a pack of cards and played sevens until the room filled and the quiz started.

This is such a good evening, for two euros you get an evening of entertainment, add an extra euro (75p) and you can play deal or no deal at the end.

The first game was a sheet full of TV quiz show hosts we had to guess their names, we managed to get them all, not sure what this says about our TV habits! There were questions on Africa, Numbers, general knowledge, animals and Hi Ho Silver. We did not win any game but everyone gets a prize.. A bar of chocolate.

The Deal or no Deal game consists of boxes being given to eight or nine members of the audience while one person is chosen by lottery to be the player. It was all good fun and I think he won five euros at the end of the game.

It was way past 11pm when the games finished and we went home, great evening in great company.

A recent sunset.


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