Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Day 6 San Javier

It was an eventful trip as the garage about to mend our car in France rang with a quote of E800 to repair the air conditioner and suspension compressor. This was very interesting as our car does not have aircon or suspension compressors [ what ever they are!] The language was becoming very difficult as the insurance agent, although fluent in French did not understand car parts.
A visit to McDonalds to use the internet resulted in the fact the bearing had gone and the bill will be E350, which is what Chris had said all along.
Arrived at the condo in San Javier, Murcia Tuesday evening very relieved to have made it. Unloaded the car and made a quick trip to the local supermarket o stock up on food.
Half a precooked chicken with some quick rice and salad and we were eating a meal on the deck in the baking heat.
Day 6 [Wednesday I think] has been a chill out day [ funny thing to call it on such a hot day!]
Lots of chats with our friend Pat who lives two doors away, and a visit to another neighbour, Tony and Leila.
San Javier at last

Our first meal and a sigh of relief that we made it, and only one day late.

Front door to pool just through the gate.

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quiltergirl424 said...

Nothing to say but LOVELY...

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