Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Day 12 Monday

We took a trip to Torrevieja yesterday morning to check out a church I would like to go to next Sunday. I drove the car through the very narrow streets, where pedestrians just seem to walk across without thinking and cars and lorries park wherever the like.. We shopped on the way back to restock the fridge including calling at a Pharmacy to buy Epsom salts that I had read would be good for swollen feet. Although not selling the salts the pharmacist immediately knew what I needed and sold me a 'box of cure' for €6. I tried it later, smells like Radox and didn't improve things much!


Many of the roundabouts have weird and strange things in the middle of them, a boat and airplane were passed on the way back.


After another very hot day, well in the 90s (31C) it was more pleasant on the roof seeing the sunset.


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